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Girls Have to Shine!

Not Quite a Devil  is out today, and it got me thinking. Why? Because it's hitting the shelves after a pre-release launch week in which I did...absolutely nothing.    Yes, that's right! Today is release day (a big deal!), and I haven't sent out a single email about Not Quite a Devil until this moment. Why not? It's not because I don't love…

Call for ARC Reviewers!

Not Quite a Devil, my third book release in five weeks (wow, right!),comes out in six days! I'm SOO excited! Whoohoo! That means we are opening up to accept applications for ARC reviewers again! As seems to be my style of late, I'm a little tardy getting to this, so the window to apply and to get the story read…

What a day in bed will remind you...

I blew it. I know I've sent a few "oops" emails lately, but this time it's different. I didn't blow it for you guys. I blew it for me. As you all know, I have a massively optimistic publishing schedule this year, with sixteen planned releases. Some of them are novellas, but it's still a really big goal! And on…

The Secret Truth Behind The Demon You Trust

Wow! What a fantastic opening day for The Demon You Trust yesterday! All the positive feedback I'm getting makes me SO happy that I waited to finish and publish it until I knew what I wanted to do with it! I've gotten a few emails from folks who are curious about what I meant when I said the other day that I…

It's a good thing I never claimed to be perfect (aka here are the things I forgot to tell you).

Holy cow! It took only ten years from idea to bookshelf, but after a decade in the works, we're less than eight hours from The Demon You Trust hitting the shelves! I'm SO excited!! I'm barely even recovered from all the excitement and work involved in getting Immortally Cursed released, and now it's already time for the next book in Year of SAB Publishing…

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