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A Twist of Evil

A Twist of Evil

Slightly Dead Series, Book 1

After accidentally incinerating her dad’s eternal soul when she was ten, Piper Fowler has unequivocally rejected her family legacy to save the soul of those who die before their time…until she inadvertently claims the soul of a teenage geek who has bartered his Ever After to Satan.

Satan’s pissed off, Piper has no clue how to navigate this world she rejected, and a certain teenage geek thinks she’s an insane serial killer. She has only three days to fix this, or both she and the boy are going to wind up in Satan’s playground forever.

The only person who can help Piper is an ex-angel who would rather cage-fight demons than get back in the angel game…until he realizes that Piper is the one her dad magically bonded him with just before he died, which, as he explains so nicely, means they’re married.

Piper has no time for an hopelessly romantic leader of hell, an overly protective husband who is much too freaking dangerous (and tempting), or a teenage soul who has no clue what kind of danger he’s in, but when secrets about her dad’s death start to come to light, Piper realizes that there is so much more at stake than any of them knew…or are prepared to handle.

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