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You rock. End of story.

Last night, my daughter was so angry at me that she refused to speak for me for six hours. Why? Because I made her go to field hockey practice when she didn't want to go. Seems small, right? But it unleashed something inside her that made her so angry that it lasted for hours. It's not easy when people don't…

ARCs, Dragons, Slayers, & Sneak Peeks

My new paranormal romance, Curse of the Dragon, comes out in ten days! I'm SOO excited! Whoohoo! That mean a whole bunch of cool stuff is coming your way, like reviewer ARCs and questionable sneak peeks!  For those of you who have read Immortally Cursed, this book is Theresa's story. You know she's got some real dragon attitude and sass, right? Well,…

Why you should see Rocketman. Twice.

What do Elton John and SA Bayne's Satan have in common?    I am about to head out to my second viewing of Rocketman, the Elton John story, because I loved it so much…and because I felt like the universe was delivering me a lesson with the movie.   See, here's the thing. Elton John was eccentric, incredibly talented, and gay…

Vote for which book I should write next!

First of all, I have to say I am totally overwhelmed by what is happening with Not Quite a Devil this week. All I've done to let my readers know it's out is yesterday's newsletter, and two social media posts. I thought no one would find it. Or buy it. Or read it. Or fall in love with it the…

Girls Have to Shine!

Not Quite a Devil  is out today, and it got me thinking. Why? Because it's hitting the shelves after a pre-release launch week in which I did...absolutely nothing.    Yes, that's right! Today is release day (a big deal!), and I haven't sent out a single email about Not Quite a Devil until this moment. Why not? It's not because I don't love…

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