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Call for Reviewers for The Demon You Trust

The Demon You Trust comes out in four days! I'm SOO excited! Whoohoo! That means we are opening up to accept applications for ARC reviewers again! As seems to be my style of late, I'm a little late getting to this, so the window to apply and to get the story read is very short! So, if it doesn't work…

It took me ten years...but it was worth the wait!

The date: January 19, 2010.   How long ago is that? Almost nine and a half years ago. What happened on that day?   One that day, almost a decade ago, I started brainstorming The Demon You Trust, which is finally being released on Tuesday.   Check out this thumbnail of that very first brainstorming document, with the date created right…

Ending tonight!

Happy Saturday!   I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder that there are only twelve hours left to get Not Quite a Devil for free when you purchase Immortally Cursed, and only twelve hours left to enter to win the autographed print author proof of Immortally Cursed! I don't want to you miss your opportunity for some reading you might really love, so…

Win a signed copy of Immortally Cursed!

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I just wanted to drop a note with a couple quick things: First, tomorrow is the last day to get the free copy of Not Quite a Devil when you purchase Immortally Cursed, so if you've been procrastinating getting it, go do it now!  This is your 24-hour alert! Deets are here. Second, after…

It's Almost Here...With a Free Book Bonus!

Can you believe it? After spending the last week dishing on the behind-the-scenes with Immortally Cursed, it's finally coming out tomorrow! Even after more than fifty published books, it's still so freaking exciting! Yay! To celebrate my first release in nine months (!), if you preorder Immortally Cursed or purchase it by Sat 5/4, I'm giving away a free, never-before-published paranormal…

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