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Coming Soon


The Demon You Trust – Coming May 14

(Magical Elite, Book 1) By S.A. Bayne

Ellie Locke has to stay alive to save her sister, but when she gets targeted by a couple of testosterone-laden assassins, avoiding death by joining a top-secret organization seems like a good idea…until she realizes that it isn’t. Too bad there’s no turning back.

Not Quite A Devil – Coming May 28

(Devilishly Sexy, Book 1) by S.A. Bayne
(An Immortally Cursed spinoff series featuring everyone’s favorite leader of hell, our dearly beloved Satan)

Iris Bennett has three days to undo a magical mistake that’s kinda her fault, and her only chance to fix it is a devilishly charming man who might actually be one of the bad guys. Can she take the risk?

Curse of the Dragon – Coming June 25

(Immortally Cursed, Book 2) By S.A. Bayne

After making a deal with the devil to reclaim her human form, dragon Theresa Nichols discovers the hunky, dangerous P.I. she’s fallen for is an ex-dragon slayer who has inadvertently set a team of assassins after her.

A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart – Coming August/Sept 2019

(Wyoming Rebels, Book 7) By Stephanie Rowe

Ryder Stockton finally gets a chance with the woman who slipped out of his grasp so long, the woman he has never stopped loving. Zoey Wilson is all grown up now, and she’s sassy, fiery, and absolutely determined not to rekindle a high school romance that broke her teenage heart. Can Ryder change her mind?

Awaken the Darkness (All-new alternate version of Darkness Awakened) – Coming Sept/Oct 2019

(Order of the Blade, Book 1a) By Stephanie Rowe

The first book of Stephanie’s bestselling Order of the Blade series gets a new twist: how it might have gone down instead.

BONUS: People who preorder the ebook or purchase it within five days of publication will receive a special Collector’s Edition, which includes a collector’s edition cover, the alternate version of Darkness Awakened, the original version of Darkness Awakened, plus all the covers that Darkness Awakened has had over the years).



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