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Cookie Policy

It is Authenticity Playground’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you or that you may provide to us, in the circumstances set out below. Accordingly, we have developed this cookie policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose, safeguard and otherwise make use of your personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”).

We may automatically collect certain information when you visit (our “Website”) – such as the type of browser and operating system you are using, and the domain name of your Internet service provider. We do not link this information with any “Personal Data”.

We may also collect data automatically through our use of cookies on the Website. To make our Website work as intended, sometimes we put small text files on your mobile device or computer (called “cookies”). This is a universally accepted way to make websites work properly, but are not necessary and can be blocked/deleted if you choose, but know that then some features of the Website may not function correctly.

Any cookie-related information collected by our Website is not linked with your Personal Data.

First-Party Cookies

Here are descriptions for the first-party cookies that are used on our Website:

Cookie Consent
Cookie Name: wpca_consent

This cookie retains your cookie preference – to either accept or decline all cookies except those necessary for the site’s function and basic features. This cookie does not require or store any personal data. This cookie is set to expire after 30 days and can be revoked by clearing your browser cache.

WordPress Cookies
Cookie Name: wordpress_test_cookie

This cookie is only placed if you happen upon the login page for the site. It does not retain any personal data but simply checks to see if your browser has cookies enabled. You should never see this cookie, but just in case you do, we wanted you to know what it does.

Mobile Theme
Cookie Name:

This Website uses a special theme for smartphone devices and this cookie is placed if a mobile user specifically chooses to view the desktop site from their mobile device. It is not automatically placed and does not require or store any personal data. This cookie expires when you close your browser and can be revoked by clearing your browser cache.

Popup Window 
Cookie name: etBloomCookie_optin*

This cookie retains your preference for a period of time in regards to dismissing popup windows containing the newsletter signup form, to prevent the popup window from opening every time you visit the site. This cookie expires after 24 hours or you can clear your browser cache to remove it sooner. This cookie is currently inactive on the site, but could be reactivated if necessary.

Third-Party Cookies

Some third-party cookies will be placed in your browser once you leave our Website via a link (such as to a bookseller or a social network). Even though it’s not our Website placing them, here is information about the cookies that may be placed by third-party sites when you are on or leaving our Website:

When you purchase an item from links on the Website; we collect no Personal Data but a third-party cookie may be placed on your device. Here are the privacy and cookie policies for our affiliated third-party sites:


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Manage Cookies

Feel free to delete and manage your own cookies! Visit for details about how to delete cookies on your device and how to manually adjust your browser’s preferences in regards to cookies.

This website uses cookies for a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic (anonymous IPs) to improve site performance. Some media content is provided by third-party services, which may place cookies if played. Find out more about how cookies are used on this site and how you can manage cookies in your browser by reading the Cookie Policy.