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What is a Bayneiac?

Meaning: It means that you are going to be yourself, and you don’t give a flying patoodle what anyone thinks, and hey, that you also like to read. So, there you are. I’m a Bayneiac, too! Imagine everyone in the world was a Bayneiac! The world would be flipping fantastic if everyone stopping giving flying patoodles, wouldn’t it?? So, wear your Bayneiac merch with pride, and if anyone asks you about it, tell them it means you’re going to be yourself, no matter what anyone thinks. Go Bayneiacs!

Etymology: Once upon a time, there was a fan of SAB. Like, a super fan. The kind of fan SAB adores (she adores all her fans, so it’s not that hard to be a fan that’s adored, though). The super fan emailed SAB and they had this conversation:

Superfan: “Hey, SAB, what do your super fans go by?”

SAB: “I don’t know. Maybe they use cars? Or bikes? Or you mean, what do they pass on their way to work? Maybe buildings? Or pigeons. Pigeons seems to be most places. That’s pretty likely.”

Superfan:  “No, I mean, how do they identify as your super fans? Like a team name.”

SAB: “That’s a fantastic question. Since my book isn’t out yet, and you’re the only one who’s read it, it hasn’t really been a thing. I had never thought about it.”

Superfan:  “I got it. Bayneiacs! It’s like Maniacs, only better!” 

And I thought, hey, that’s a stupendous idea! I am all about being yourself even if the world thinks you’re insane…or…a maniac! So, being a Bayneiac is like a green light to be your own damn self, and read books while you’re at it! So, voila! Bayneiac was born!

So, go be a Bayneiac. 

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What is a Bayneism?

Meaning: Something you put out in the world because you think it might make some else’s day better. It might be a social media post, a hug to a friend, a word of advice, puppy pictures, or your perfect self unleashed upon the world. As you’re putting it out there because you think it might make someone’s day better (even if you don’t have a specific someone in mind), that’s a Bayneism!

Etymology: It’s a snapshot insight into the assorted awesomeness of SAB’s brain. Sometimes it might be brilliant. Sometimes silly. Maybe it will light your fire. Maybe it will make you roll your eyes. But it’s always, quite simply, what’s on her mind that she’s pretty convinced that the entire world wants to know about. Or at least one person. Maybe you.

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What is P.B.'s real name?

I can’t tell you. She’ll tell you at some point. It’s worth waiting for.

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Is it true you wrote 18 books before you sold your first one?

Aye, it’s true. I sold 17 and 18, and the rest of them never saw the light of day. They are still on my computer. Why didn’t I publish them? Because they were part of my journey, but not the part of my journey that included actual, publishable novels! Then I wrote another fifty, under another pen name, before finding my way to P.B. Noble. It took her a long damn time to show up, but it was so worth the wait!

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Have you ever been in jail?

I dream about it a lot, but I’ve never been lucky enough to get caught for anything. I still have time, though. I’m not giving up hope yet. 

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When is the next book coming out?

As soon as it’s done. 

Just kidding. Well, not really. I’m working my hiney off to get it to you, and once the first draft is done, we’ll be able to figure out a release date. My newsletter will have all the latest scoop, so if you sign up for it, all your prayers will be answered. Well, maybe not all of them. One of them, at least, assuming that you’ve been praying to be one of the first people to know when the next S.A. Bayne book is out. If you haven’t been praying for that, well, then, never mind.

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What's with the running thing?

So, about a million years ago, I tried to become a runner, and I totally messed up my legs. Ever since, every time I started to run, I had the same problem with my legs, so I concluded I could never be a runner. Then last spring, I decided I needed to run. I decided that running would change my life. I HAD to do it. So, I started. The first time, I ran around my block, chanting ruthless positive self-talk the entire time. Then, a couple days later, I ran again. And then again. And then, eventually, like a year later, I finally started believing that I might be able to pull it off. Getting past my mental and physical barriers to run has been a surreal challenge. I’ve never pushed past so many obstacles in my life, and I’ve never had to dig so deep to accomplish anything. I was right. Running IS changing my life, but the reason it’s changing my life, is because it’s changing me, from the inside out. 

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Who does your covers?

They’re fantastic, aren’t they? I freaking love them. Kelli Ann Morgan of Inspire Creative Services ( does them. She’s wicked talented, super cool, and a fantastic author to boot. I am lucky to have her on my team!

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Where did you come up with the idea for Rock Your Evil?

It was the result of a lifetime of trying to find out who the hell my authentic self is. It wasn’t until I started to find out that I could write the story that I was meant to write. Break the rules. Find your authentic self. Honor the hell out of who you are. Then you can do amazing stuff like find the P.B. Noble that’s inside your brain. 

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Why do you write?

Because the need to write and create is etched into the very fabric of my soul. No lie. 

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I want to write a book. Tell me what to do.

Sit down. Write. Repeat. There is no other way. 

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