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Up to 80% off three different books!

I have big news! Three of my books are up to 83% percent off for the next week! Two of my books were selected for a hugely discounted special 1-week $.99 promo at Nook and Amazon, and another was accidentally marked down on Kobo (I’m not sure how long that will last until it gets fixed), so if you wanted to try any of these three titles and didn’t get around to it, now is the time! All of these deals are US ONLY, and they apply only to the etailers listed!  If you don’t usually buy from one of these vendors, now is the time to try them! You can download the kindle apple onto any phone or computer, and the Nook & Kobo files will open in iBooks, Nook, a Kobo device etc. 

75% off: Darkness Awakened is $.99 on Amazon and Nook from now thru July 11!
83% off: Rock Your Evil is $.99 on Amazon and Nook thru July 11!
83 % off: Immortally Cursed is $.99 on Kobo until they fix the mistake (an hour? Two hours?) 

See deets below for each book!

“There is so much passion and honor and loyalty in this book. I could barely put it down.” ~Pknv (Amazon Reviewer)

When his blood brother goes missing, immortal warrior Quinn Masters will break every rule of his kind to save him, including teaming up with the sensuous, courageous woman destined to be his ultimate destruction. 

Haunted by a brutal past, Illusionist Grace Matthews will risk everything to rescue her kidnapped sister, even if it means putting her life in the sinfully capable hands of an immortal warrior whose ravaging kisses and intense passion propel her ruthlessly toward a fateful destiny she can’t afford to believe in.

75% off:
$.99 on Amazon thru July 11 only
$.99 on Nook thru July 11 only

“What a brilliant urban fantasy book. This first book is so original, full of gritty humour and hilarity, and it was fast-paced and had me right on the edge of my seat.” ~Amazon review

Being hired to replace her murdered mentor wasn’t exactly how P.B. Noble had envisioned finally getting a chance at the job of her dreams, but when she realizes that the sociopath in question is actually after her, P.B. discovers that being in charge or protecting Boston from magical bad guys is way more than she’s capable of handling…but it’s too late to walk away. And when a super-hot Calydon warrior needs her help, it’s just really too much. Except…he is pretty delicious and could be kind helpful…or make things so much worse.

83% off:
$.99 on Amazon thru July 11 only
$.99 on Nook thru July 11 only

“A hilarious underworld romp filled with mayhem, sass, and romance to die for.” ~Katie MacAlister, New York Times bestselling author
“A wild ride of fun, fantasy and romance!” ~J.R. Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Justine Bennett hasn’t had to behead anyone in centuries, but when a hunky, cursed stranger shows up at her door looking for a certain item under her protection…well…things are going to get complicated. 

83% off:
$.99/1.99 on Kobo until they fix their mistake (I already emailed them to fix it!)($.99 US & GB, 1.99 Canada & Australia)

I hope you all are having a great week! Spread the word to anyone who you think might want a chance to try one of these books for a great price! Whohoo!


PS If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on future deals like this, sign up to get on my list! 

PPS Reminder, these prices are available only in select countries and retailers, and for new purchases only (they are not retroactive if you already purchased it). 

PPPS These deep discounts won’t last, so get them now while you’re thinking of it! 

PPPS Here is a recap of the links:

75% off:
Darkness Awakened (US/CA/AUS/GB only):
$.99 on Amazon thru July 11 only
$.99 on Nook thru July 11 only

Rock Your Evil (US/CA/AUS/GB only):
$.99 on Amazon thru July 11 only
$.99 on Nook thru July 11 only

Immortally Cursed (US & GB: .$.99; AUS & CA: $1.99)
$.99/1.99 on Kobo until they fix their mistake

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